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Recipe of the Month- Campfire Grill Packs

Growing up, my mom would make these easy “Ready-to-Grill” packs during long summer days outside or when the family was going camping. She’d put everything inside aluminum foil and keep it in a cooler until ready to throw on the grill. Delicious and easy, plus made for some great memories! What You’ll Need 1 lb […]

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Tips to Know Before Exploring the Great Outdoors

During this time of year, many of us are spending a good bit of time outside, and summer is particularly enjoyable for hiking and camping. One real risk you face in spending an increased amount of time outdoors or in wooded areas is encountering what I like to call “problem plants”, such as poison ivy, […]

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4 Fun Water Activities for Kids

Summer vacation is here and that means hot weather and kids with plenty of time on their hands. Heading to the community pool is not always an option. Having a few water games on tap can help keep the kids cool and entertained. While running through a sprinkler is always popular here are a few […]

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