Spring Forward on Sunday, March 13th

It’s almost time to spring forward! Be sure to set a reminder to move your clocks ahead an hour on Sunday, March 13th to make sure you are not an hour late 😊

This is also a great time to take care of important tasks around your home:

  • Change the batteries in your smoke detectors
  • Flip your mattress
  • Wash your pillows
  • Take stock of your medicine cabinet and pantry
  • Clean your fridge’s coils
  • Vacuum out your dryer’s vent and ducts
  • Replace or clean filters around your house
  • Clean the oven
  • Check your emergency kit

Daylight Savings is also a great time to call our office to review your insurance policies to make sure there are no gaps in your coverage and that you are receiving all possible discounts. We suggest reviewing your coverage at least once a year. Make sure you ask us to review your policies regularly to ensure you are getting the best coverage and all discounts possible!

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