Celebrate the First Day of Fall Next Week

The first day of fall is on Sept. 22, which means it’s time to put away your flip-flops and break out the cozy sweaters as you enjoy colorful leaves, juicy apples, and festive pumpkins.

Getting excited yet? So are we! And to properly celebrate the season, we’ve rounded up our favorite ways to enjoy fall:

  1. Watch the Leaves Change
Nothing says autumn quite like the sudden burst of red, orange, yellow, and gold leaves emerging from treetops.

  3. Don’t Forget the Pumpkins
  4. While pumpkins make for festive tabletop accessories and spooky Halloween decor, they are also pretty darn delicious. One of our favorite ways to enjoy them? By toasting their seeds into addicting fall snacks, of course.

  5. Get Your House Ready For Fall
  6. No, we’re not talking about turning your home into the ultimate haunted house. Before the cold weather and shorter days set in, you’ll want to get your house in tip-top shape — that means gutter cleaning, furnace tune-ups, roof inspections, and more.

OK, so maybe this last one isn’t the most fun way to celebrate fall, but we promise you’ll feel like a million bucks once you’re finished.

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