4 Fun Water Activities for Kids

Summer vacation is here and that means hot weather and kids with plenty of time on their hands. Heading to the community pool is not always an option. Having a few water games on tap can help keep the kids cool and entertained. While running through a sprinkler is always popular here are a few water fun ideas that are sure to be a hit this summer:  

  • Bubble Pie – This game requires some aluminum pie tins, a hose, two buckets of soapy water, and two empty buckets. Divide the kids into two teams.

    Put the two empty buckets on the opposite end of your yard. When the whistle blows each team leader dunks the pie tin in the soapy bucket and runs to the empty bucket and dumps it in before heading back to pass off the pie tin to the next in line. This continues until everyone has had a turn. The team with the most water in the bucket wins.

  • Water Limbo – Use the water stream from the hose as a limbo stick and see just how low those kids can go. The one who gets the lowest, without falling, is the big winner.

  • Water Balloon Cut-Up – This game will be sure to get the kids wet. Make five long water balloons for each contestant. These will be the hot dogs they have to slice. Give each child a plastic knife and when the whistle blows they will all start “carving“ the water balloons. The first one to pop five balloons is the winner.

  • Squirt Bottle Barber – This super fun game requires squirt bottles, swim goggles that cover the nose, and shaving cream.

    The kids are divided into pairs and one slips on the goggles and covers their face in shaving cream while the other gets a squirt bottle filled with water. When the “go” signal is given the squirt bottle barber, who is standing about five feet away, starts shaving their customer. The goal is to wash away all traces of the shaving cream, the team with a clean face first wins.

We hope you and your family are having a fun, relaxing summer so far!

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