Would You Like to Save Money Year-Round?

If you’re anything like many Americans, after the hectic holiday season and with tax time on the horizon, you are thinking closely about your finances. It’s inevitable… when you’re thinking about how much you earn in relation to how much you spend, it’s logical that one of your next thoughts is, “How can I save money?”


I have a friend who’s gotten into the ‘couponing craze’. She loves saving money and telling her friends and family about how much she’s saved and how she did it. She shared with me some common sense tips that she uses to help her keep a handle on how much she spends.


If you’re spending more than you want to, these are a few simple, easy-to-remember ways to cut your spending – without having to do any complicated budgeting, without having to cut coupons, and without having to rely on your own willpower alone.

  • Check With Our Agency Regarding Discounts Available – Our agency offers many discounts, from completing defensive driving courses to bundling insurance policies, there are many ways to take advantage of these. Call our office for more information and let us check to make sure we are providing the best value available for you.
  • Leave Your Credit Card at Home – If you often find yourself spending more than you should when you’re out shopping, then leave your credit card at home. Take cash, or a debit card: that way, you can only spend what you actually have.
  • Keep a Record of What You Spend – Keeping a spending journal can help you save. If you have to write down that bottle of cola and candy bar, you’re more likely to resist buying them. A spending journal will also reveal to you patterns in your spending, i.e. areas where you’re spending more than you realize, and where you might be able to cut down.
  • Try Something New – If you normally buy only brand name products, try the store’s brand instead. You might be pleasantly surprised – most of the time there’s little or no difference in quality.


We’re constantly faced with opportunities to buy something – as we walk down the street, as we drive past stores, even at work with a vending machine nearby. And with online shopping, we can buy at any time of the day or night, with just a few mouse-clicks.


Use these tips to avoid over spending and help you save on daily basis!

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